Desert Living

Cloudy and Cool

Good Morning to all!  We actually have some rain clouds in the old pueblo today.  This weather is very welcome as it does cool things down a bit!  We are finally going to be under 100, not by much but anything is welcome this time of year!.

I am still working on the next book,  writing, re writing that way books take so long.  I’ m starting to see style in my work and I hope to make it all my own.  I believe it’s important for a writer to have a style of work that carries from book to book, at least for me.

My little plants are standing up straight today thankful for a little drizzle last night!  Well time for that 2nd cup of joe and onto the day!  Enjoy the little things today and be thankful for all the blessing. 319e57c8387b62c57b2d6835e0a51f91