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Does Reincarnation Matter?

This is from the Article that was published in Journal of Metaphysical Thought July 21, 2018

Does Reincarnation Matter?
Rev. J. Joy Maestas


Many who travel this path of awakening or enlightenment, (which every sounds good to you), have already come to the awareness that they have had past lives. This leads them to exploring what and why they are having these memories of past lives. Now there are many who believe that Karma is one reason we experience many lives, having to relive again and again until we get it just right and live as a good person. Working through different karmic situations to overcome in one life what we did not in a past life.
There are some who believe we reincarnate into a different zodiac signs each time to get a new perspective on the situation.
Whatever your belief on why, this now leads to the knowledge that is brought forward from our inner depths of through. We see images of past lives and it may have been a good life and we may have been a good person so do these lives matter? If you go in for hypnosis and past life regression to find out why you had the type of life you had and you find out you were a child in the Middle Ages who died from the plague that is something you had no control over. What is the reason for coming back?
Have you ever thought maybe each time you are remembering just a little more of the knowledge you already learned. Those deep inner thoughts of forgotten knowledge of healing or a family line of heritage is just now coming forward. Are you at a time in your life where you have chosen to look into yourself or the Universe and finally connect with that other dimension?
The point being this is now not New Thought but remembering what we once knew as fact. Have you ever gone to a ceremony, like a new moon drumming ceremony and thought this will be an interesting experience, something I have never done before. Then once you get there that DeJa Vu feeling kicks in? That’s the feeling you have been there or here before and done what you are now doing? It’s a feeling of familiarity. Could it be it feels so comfortable you start drifting off and seeing scenes that you have done this before?
How many of you have come to know about the Akashic records? Akashic is the Sanskrit word for aether or atmosphere; in Hindi it means sky or heaven. Is this also the “book of life” referred to in the Bible? (Daniel 12:1, Revelation 3:5) The one where our life’s records are kept? I believe so since both are volumes of lives lived. The only difference is if someone is so bent on having nothing to do with any religion then Akashic sounds better then a biblical term.
The difference between the Akashic and Book of Life is one that is influenced by Religious Dogma and the other is through an inner connection with the Divine Spirit on a personal level. But the Akashic it’s also known as the library of forgotten secrets that was once common knowledge. Ok got your attention now, who doesn’t love a good secret!
There are now some who have tapped into the original line of humanity originating from the Atlantian history. Thought long lost it is being brought back to life through and individual who is one with the Archangel Michael. Those in this master study class are learning the “Way of the Magi” in hopes of connecting enough people with their higher self and be a connection to the Angelic realm to influence what is happening on earth.
This great experiment that God set up, giving us free will, is being watched. We as humanity have had helpers to guide us from the beginning of time it’s self. These helpers are not only Angelic Beings but also Ascended Masters and Spirit guides. Using different combined ways of Metaphysical though and action along with working with crystals, oils and energy healing, they have managed to teach us how to change the course of storms and change people’s lives.
What does this have to do with past lives you may ask? As with everything in Metaphysics, It’s all connected!
Now this may be hard to understand, especially if you fully believe in karmic reincarnation but with the resurrection of Jesus karmic reincarnation ended. That price they talk about that he paid for all sins? Sins are just bad decisions we have made during our life time some of the things that we in the past were trying to work through was the karmic that us or our ancestors created. The sins of the fathers carried onto the son. This was being worked out generation after generation. He paid the price for all. So that karmic problem no longer exists. Now it’s a free will choice of if you want to come back to help or not. It’s not required it’s all been worked out. Your reincarnation is now a free will choice, do you want to come back and help someone to become enlightened or just be part of the Oneness of energy with our Father/Mother God?
So let’s get back to our Angelic Messengers, and this life time. Many sacred texts, not just the bible, talk about visits from heavenly messengers bringing books of knowledge or words of warning. Some gave instructions on herbs to use for healing or they gave us knowledge of scientific ways of figuring out complex problems.
Now that our technology is so advanced, and never think it’s not. Are they still here? Short answer, yes and in a big way. These Angelic beings that were created before humanity are here to still teach us history of our past that has been forgotten. The sacred texts of Atlantis that were destroyed are being channeled through an Angelic Knight who is teaching others to be peaceful Angel Knight warriors. These warriors are all over the world and using technology to connect with one another. They are learning at an accelerated rate how to develop their psychic gifts, how to use crystals and how to merge with Angels as instruments of the Universal Mind of the Mother/Father God. These peaceful warriors are always looking for more to join them in complete devotion to a noble cause, devoting life and time as the Templers of old to promoting peace and awareness of the oneness to this world.
Were the ones in this group Templers in a past life? Possibly but now they are men and women who answer this call to dare to have a purpose bold and dare to stand alone. It’s the Angelic army being assembled and readied for the battle, only it’s not against flesh it is for our spirit. These human counter parts of the Angelic army can be found in a group on facebook, under Project New Atlantis. The spirit of humanity, to be free thinkers and peaceful people the world over. The song Imagine always pops up now and John Lennon was so right, imagine there’s no heaven. Imagine that heaven is within you and around you, and you can create that heaven on earth with the Angels help. They are the ones writing this now and they are waiting for you to ask them to help; they don’t just swoop in and do. It’s that free will thing, you have to ask, submit and be willing to do your part!