Spiritual Journies

Hows Your Journey?

Who would of thought that my journey which started back in 2011 would end up with 4 books published and 2 more in the works!   I never did.  When I started on my spiritual studies seriously it was to get and education so I had credentials to back up being ordained.  Once I got my Masters in Ministry, I wanted more.  It’s like and addiction to learning.

The many certificates can cover a wall, but that one you want is somewhere else.  On to a University!  I came across the International Metaphysical University and decided that is the one for me.  I received my Bachelors in  Metaphysical Science and currently I’m working on my Masters.  That has slowed down with the books I’m working on.

So where is your path leading you?  I didn’t see myself being and author when I started but it seems that is where I’m headed and I love it.  Creating characters and mixing stories of my life with fantasy.  Maybe it’s how I wished it would have been what ever I like taking people on journeys along with me.  Let’s discover what is out there, beyond what it seen, into a world of magic and wisdom.

My latest book “The Archangels Light” will shortly be in the Awakenings Book Store in about a week.  http://www.awakeningsmetaphysicalbookstore.com/    I’m also working with another store to carry it.   Infiniterealmsbookstore.com/   Still available on Amazon.com

The Archangels Light
Astral travel, magic and a mystery journey.

My journey has begun many times and this one is heading straight for the stars!