Halloween Weddings – Ookie Spooky or Gothic Sheik!

Finally the weather is cooling off here in Arizona and the wedding season kicks into full swing in September. We are excited for this time of year as people get ready for all the holidays coming up. What better time to have your wedding when the relatives will already be in town and ready to celebrate!
I love each holiday and look forward to working with each couple to make their ceremony just the way they want it. So, Halloween is no different. We seem to get 1 or 2 couples each year that that want to get married on Oct. 31st. We have officiated at parks and golf courses and now this year we will be doing one at our own little Venue. We do very small ones here, and always try to make it one they will remember, whether its their 1st or 3rd time around its still special.
If you are deciding to get married on Halloween, be sure your officiant is game to have some fun! We will using some black columns with figures from the Day of the Dead celebration on top, along with some hanging bats,(paper) and gift bags that are Halloween treat bags. I have a black lacy cape to use and will save the rest for the picture after!
The Corpse Bride is a perfect resource for wording to use during the ceremony. “It seems to me that the best relationships, the ones that last, are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked on somewhere, and the person who was just a friend… is, suddenly, the only person you can see in your life.”
This year the couple mentioned they love gothic and a quick search gave me a gothic wedding ceremony to pick and choose some parts from. “As we witness with ____ and _____, their souls and their very beings,
To be united on this hallows haunted day,
A sacred vow forever their love to stay,
For true love is like a ghost, often mentioned but rarely seen.
____ and ____ do you take each other as husband and wife, to live together, to respect each other, to love each other, and to haunt and howl at the moon together as long as you both shall live? We Do
I would not get too graphic with wording unless the couple asks for it and since mothers and grandmothers, etc will be there they wanted it more corpse bride but I got some good stuff from the gothic wedding ceremony.
Let’s see decorations for your Halloween Wedding? Of course pumpkins, carved and tea lights inside, day of the death is poplar in my part of the country, lots of painted skulls, some black cheese cloth hung around, maybe a plastic spider or two in it and black roses(silk so you can reuse) and some red, don’t want any blood so a red rose mixed in with the black should be a nice touch.
Brides usually will wear black and sometimes the groom will wear white. The cake if you have one has to have the Corpse Bride and Groom on the top! You can find these wedding toppers everywhere it seems. Now that we have the pop up Halloween super stores decorating should be so much fun! If you want the full out treatment these stores will be your get all from the Cups for toasting to the skull lights for hanging.
Its your wedding day, just one day in time, have some fun with it! Make it a party that all will remember. Even for the cutting of the cake you can get cute holiday appropriate knives and plates to match. Your table center pieces can be black flowers mixed with the chosen colors of your wedding party. Center pieces make very nice parting gifts for the people who helped you with your planning and set up.
Have your Officiant dress as a undertaker or other costume to go with your celebration, if you always wanted to get married by Elvis, then you should, if they don’t want to have fun with you, look for someone else Its your day and should be celebrated the way you want it. Try to use things you can recycle to decorate with, paper is great and can be recycled and any plastic you get try to get something you can reuse next year. Your Halloween Wedding can be as spooky or sheik as you want it to be, remember your anniversary be on Oct 31st each year so make it a day you enjoy celebrating and remembering what fun you had on your Wedding Day! corpse bride cake toppers