Labor Day or Labor Less?

It’s the start of the fall-winter season this weekend and the end of summer, although you would never know it in the desert southwest. We will still get close to 100 and our it still monsoon hit and miss for another month or so but all in all it’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Our temps tend to cool down which makes for a nice time to cook outside! What better way to spend your labor-less day. Most schools have started by now so this is the 1st of many holidays to ease the kids back into the school routine. If you don’t have Monday off, I’m sorry. (Insert sad face)
On that wonderful day off and Monday is always the best day to get off, light up the BBQ throw on some hamburgers, hot dogs or veggie burgers and have some fun! This is the cheapest holiday of the year! No cards to exchange, or gifts to buy, no big meals to fix. Make it a true labor less day and give yourself some time off!
Relaxing is most beneficial to your mind and body health. Get outside and enjoy this last bit of fun before the holidays take over! Oh yes I plan on enjoying every minute! A glass of wine in the evening with the smell of hamburgers floating throughout the neighborhood, a book to read and some star gazing that evening and being thankful for a day with peace.
I’m sure in the morning there will be the smell of cut grass and quiet! Hardly any cars will be driving by. A word of advice to make your day super special, DON’T TURN ON THE TV. Listen to your music or just listen to the quiet, be at peace, enjoy your every minute away from the world and be thankful you are who you are, you are beautiful and special! #thearchangelslight #anewearth @eckharttolle
Peace, Love and Light!

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