We are all one

Where are all the Christians?

“If the philosophy of Christianity were lived, wars would cease, unhappiness would cease, economic problems would be solved, poverty would be wiped from the face of the earth, and man’s inhumanity to man would be transmuted into a spirit of mutual helpfulness.”
― Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind
I was doing some research on Auric Sight when I came across the above quote. It started me thinking, if you call yourself a Christian do you really realize what you are saying? Some will say I believe in Christ so I am a Christian. Ok, so outside of that what does it mean? They will go on to repeat what the head of their church says it means and how they fulfill their duty giving their 10% and supporting their church by going to all the potlucks and once a year do some general maintenance around the grounds or they are and usher or greater every other Sunday or once a month but share a meal or their property with someone who is not a member of their church or denomination? Unheard of and why would they? Maybe if you act like you want to join and we will show you the true way to live you will be welcome.
I remember long ago my husband and I went to a little start up church that was in a strip mall, really just starting and lots of singing and praising and we really enjoyed out selves. Now understand I grew up in the 50’s when you had to wear a dress or skirt so when the 60s hit and women were free to wear jeans or slacks I hopped on the wagon and never looked back! We went to this church a few times and enjoyed out selves then it happened one day we got a call from the Pastor, he spoke with my husband (which was a good thing) the women of the church wanted to take a collection to buy me a dress to wear to church (assuming I didn’t have any dresses and that why I wore pants) I was in shock and my husband was a little amused, the pastor told him it was distracting for me to wear pants. My husband laughed and told him where he can put his collection and God didn’t care what we wore to church. Needless to say we never went back.
It was a valuable lesson and if you visit any church, look around and see how the majority of the people dress, do the women all wear hats or the men have suits. Even at some evangelical reformed you will see a dress code in place. Its sad really that people expect you to conform to their way and have lost the compassion of Christ and what it meant to be a true Christian.
If we were wars would cease, because we would be treating each other with respect even if they did not dress like we did. There would be no poverty because we would share all we had. Farms would let people gleam from them like in the biblical days. Everyone would have enough because we would make sure they did. Those with means would help those who needed help. We have grown to be selfish, we work hard so we don’t want to give anything away unless we can get something back.
The pay it forward as one of the best campaigns that has come out in a long time. When I was working we had a cafeteria and when a new training class started always someone would think they can put the food on a tab but it didn’t work like that. If I was behind the person I would tell them don’t worry about it I got this. I had been there long enough to know to help someone who just wanted to eat lunch and probably would not get paid for 2 weeks. I know what its like to be hungry and have to pick which bill to pay. No I never got the money back so what, I helped someone without expecting anything in return.
Have you ever bought someone who is in line behind you at the drive through their order? Do it sometime you just might make their whole year and you will share the true Christ Consciousness love. I don’t even like to call myself Christian anymore because of the uncaring and bias opinion of those who carry that label. Call me Universal or Metaphysical at least I include everyone and I believe everyone can have respect for each other and follow their own path. Christ did not turn anyone away for how he dressed or smelled. Think about it, have you ever hung around fisher men?
Be kind, be tolerant, be loving, let’s change the world for the sake of the children.36868880_2031960440454769_6245523197375021056_n