The Human Experiment


How many people need more money?   Raise your hand!  Yup that’s what I thought…everyone!   Our needs can coincide with our wants, in this subject.  How often you find the two are the same?  Not very often I bet.  Our needs are something related to what we consider necessary to survive and that has changed over the years to include cell phones, TV’s and cable.  All communication devices we feel we need to keep in touch with what is considered the outside world.

There was a time when none of those were available.  Can you imagine no telephone?  If you are in business for yourself this will be not only hard but you probably can’t do what I am about to suggest.  Turn off your phone during meals and that applies to even when you are out and grabbing a burger for lunch.  Turn it off at night, yes while you sleep.  Just try it for a day, then two days, wait a while and go for 3 days.  Soon you will find you are more relaxed when it’s off, you’re not waiting for that next text message to come through or instagram picture.  Get back to being in touch with you, find out who you are.  Enjoy your surrounding and get back to real life.

When you go to a fast food place, do you look around?  Do you notice who is sitting where?  Can you see the pain on the cashiers face or the smile she or he has.  Get in touch with who and where you are.  When you start feeling your surrounding you are step closer to bring your light to that space.

Now let take the big leap and this was hard one, not more me but for my family and they are still working on it.  Turn the TV off during meals.     Yes I know you like the back ground noise and it keeps the kids (or big kids from arguing.)  If you need noise try some music, but keep it low and try some without words.  Calming music can made a difference in how people react.  This one take a while and you might start with one meal, once a week, ease them into it!  When disagreements arise use that time to really find out what is going on with that person be them big or small.  Maybe it was a hard day at school or work or they don’t feel well and can’t pin point why they are angry.

This is your time to be the light worker and let them know it’s ok to feel sad or angry but they have to find out why they feel that way and how to peacefully work through the feeling.  Steer the conversation back to how nice it is to spend time together, how good the food is and what fun thing you all can agree on to do this coming weekend.

Our ancestors did have this luxury; their day was planned on what to do to survive.  Bread had to be baked; food had to be prepared, clothes washed and crops planted.  If they had down time they were doing something like mending something so it kept them warm, and planning a vacation, you make me laugh a picnic in the yard or going into town was the vacation from daily life.  Talking to the person who ran the general one stop store was how they got the latest news.

So let’s get back to this experiment, once you have weaned yourself from your cell phone and then kicked the noise habit.  Let me know how you feel in a month.  Getting back to real social interaction is so important for the human race to survive, we need people interaction, people who are positive and you can see they care.  They are out in their yard playing or tending their garden, they wave at neighbors as they drive by.  Try it, let’s be people again who live in the light not ones who cower in the darkness of our rooms.