Spiritual Journies


How’s that for an opener?  Well do you?  Some people would say no right away as they don’t want to have to live in the same situation they are now in for every, while others would yell a resounding “Hell YA” are they better off than the people who answered no?

It all depends on your perspective, if you could keep learning and have great health, most people would answer yes, some will say, I would love to live as long as I can but forever?  That’s a long time.  Just think of the changes you would see.  Our phones have gone from large to small and are now going back to being larger.  In the future a 3D image popping up from the screen to talk with you, like on star wars “Help me Obe One” does not seen out of the question.  How about a refrigerator that keeps track of what you put in and prints out your shopping list?  Oh wait, they have that one already.  We are so connected with electronics but is it letting us live longer?

I keep seeing an advertisement for the Apple 4 watch that tells you when to stand, or walk, or jog.  How cool is that, that surly would help me live longer as I would be taking better care of my body right?  How will that work in the future?  Will my siri yell at me to wake up and walk around when I am 100 and taking a nap?  Will my refrigerator tell me to put down the twinkie and eat some broccoli instead? That last one is probably not a bad idea but how long will we let other things or people tell us what to do and when to do it when we should be doing it ourselves.  I know when to stand up as once my butt goes numb I need to walk around right?   For some unknown reason to me when I exercise it makes me hungry and I want to eat to replace all those calories I just got rid of.  Oh what a tangled web we weave!

So do you want to live forever?  Are you taking or making any plans to help you achieve this goal?  Any vitamins, exercise, healthy foods?

Well now let’s look at this another way and walk over to the next dimension please.  Let’s take the up elevator.  Ok, getting off at the 3rd dimension, where thought is a part of matter.  We are a spiritual being, our spirit comes from the Divine, we are born in the mind of the Divine, we are part of this mind, and we are a part of the Divine.  The Divine is a being who is forever, the alpha who has no end.  He or She, or he and she, have always been and always will be.  Now we are a part of this we are the same spirit so, wait for it……..we are and we will live forever!  Not in this human form as you have now but the spark that is inside of you, that part that knows who you really are, that connects you to the Divine, your knowing, your oneness with the universe, has lived since the light separated from the darkness, you have been around forever and you will continue to be around.  You may think “well once I leave here I don’t want to ever return” but, if someone needs your knowing or your guidance and the Universal Mind says, will you?  I bet you will!  Enjoy the now and be fully present in it.  This one time is here and will not be here again, we will come around again but it will be different, when our essence returns to our beginning and then comes back it will be in a different shape but we will carry a new message because of what we have learned and I trust it will be more compassionate as we will be fresh from the Universal love of our creator.  Do I want to live forever?  I already am and so are you!

J.Joy Maestas, B. Msc17862817_1667156029966722_3185082076963476053_n