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Rise and Shine!

Good Morning or Evening depending on where you are in the world!  Either way I am sending you lots of love and energy.  Yes I’ve finished my two cups of coffee, hung my towels on the line, took or taken my shower, listened to a webinar and I am ready for this day!  Wait you said where is the exercise?  Ok, you got me I did my meditation but I consider hanging clothes on the line, as I’m short and I have to stretch to use some of the lines, and general moving around as some exercise, LOL.  I know, I know I need to do more but I have a free and easy spirit that likes to go with the flow and I do try yoga every few days.

I will blame this on my ADD or dyslexic which every is convenient.  Its hard for me to do the same thing at the same time every day.  The only set schedule I have is what time I get my husband up (he is partially disabled) and what time he gets up for lunch and the evening, so I like to free wing the rest of my day if I can!

Living the good life yes, I am!  Being retired have a lots of advantages, I can write when I want and set my day according to what I want to set which can depend on how the weather is.  The only down side is not being able to spend money like when I was working LOL, but its still all good!

Just a thought as we all go through today,  how can you be helpful to someone?  A smile, a nod, a wave?  Lighten up the world today with you love that is a light from within!