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Mercury Retrograde…AGAIN?

Here we go again Mercury Retrograde.  I really just became aware of this phenomenon last year when everyone was so angry and grumpy.  I noticed it was affecting not only me but all around me.  So, like any good student of all things, I dove in and starting reading about this Mercury thing.

Turns out it’s been going on for years and I am sure I have been affected by it more than once over my life time.  Armed with knowledge when I hear its coming I immediately want to know when it will be over.  This go-around is going to happen November 16 – December 6, it ends while in Sagittarius!  I thought ok that’s my sign and I am a fire sign, so maybe; in like a lamb out like a lion?

I can hope can’t I?  I have already noticed a shift, more skeptical of how things will turn out and why someone would do something (although with this administration, that’s a daily thought).  Ok I know, always hopeful Sagittarius, shake it off girl!   I like to think that with knowledge you can figure out most things and a little divine intervention!   I know things are shifting so I can be on the lookout for my actions and reactions and keep them in control, right?

I just release my 1st Children’s book “The Joyful Buddha” on ebook and I am now thinking maybe I should have waited till the retrograde is over but what’s done it done LOL.  I will wait till retrograde is over to release the paperback and see if that makes a difference; see theirs that skeptical thing again.

I will make myself busy with holiday stuff till the 6th of December and try to cruse through the rest of the year without any major trauma!  My shopping is all done and we do lasagna for thanksgiving so it’s much easier.  My family is small and we stuff ourselves and take the traditional nap after eating.  We put our Christmas decorations up on Thanksgiving but I noticed its creeping out a little early this year which is good.  Keep up your spirits and keep the Angels near.  It’s the time of year when us lightworkers are busy, busy, busy.  Love and Light to you all!

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