About Me


Hi, I’m a Author, Officiant, Lightworker and caregiver. I love everything I do.

My passion right now is writing books about Metaphysical journeys.   I take things from my personal experience and combine it with fantasy.  I have written 4 books so far.  Two are co authored with my Son and they are on wedding and are a DIY manual.  I have written one on being a Minister and its for newly ordained ministers and what they can now do and offers samples of ceremonies and checklists to use.  .

I have traveled from one coast to the other and love all the different landscapes.  The only foreign country I have been to is Mexico.  I love how colorful it is.  Lots of history and pyramids there!

I am a light worker and study the Way of the Magi to bring peace and understanding to this planet.  We are a group of Angel Knights who work to make this world a better place one crystal at a time.