Spiritual Journies


How’s that for an opener?  Well do you?  Some people would say no right away as they don’t want to have to live in the same situation they are now in for every, while others would yell a resounding “Hell YA” are they better off than the people who answered no? It all depends on… Continue reading DO YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER?

The Human Experiment


How many people need more money?   Raise your hand!  Yup that’s what I thought…everyone!   Our needs can coincide with our wants, in this subject.  How often you find the two are the same?  Not very often I bet.  Our needs are something related to what we consider necessary to survive and that has changed over… Continue reading WANTS AND NEEDS

Fall Season

Where’s Fall?

Ah fall...the leaves are changing, or so I hear in some parts of the country. The morning air is cool and brisk! Coffee smells better in the fall as we awake to the crisp morning air the birds don’t even get up early any more, they at least wait till the sun is up to… Continue reading Where’s Fall?